social media tools for solopreneurs and small business

we get it.

You rely on social media to promote yourself, your brand.

You’re sharing content that inspires, entertains, and informs your audience.

You’re sharing self-promotional content.

But balancing different types of content consistently is hard.

It’s time consuming.

We’ve been there.

We’ve struggled too.

But we can help.

Create content that inspires, entertains, and informs your audience.

Create content that promotes you, your brand.

Then share your messages with buncast.

Buncasting is funcasting.

another tool?

Does the world REALLY need another social media tool? We think so. We’ve struggled to find easy-to-use tools for personal and small business use at a price that makes sense. We cringe when reviewing our own feeds and seeing five self-promotional tweets in a row and then nothing for days on end. Maybe you feel the same way? That’s why we’re building tools for effortless scheduling and sharing of content to create social feeds full of diverse content.

about us.

buncast is being developed by Colleen Brady and Larkin Lowrey.

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